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What I do...and what I can share with you.

I'm a multi-faceted woman. My passion for meditation has led me to learning and teaching a variety of tools to deal with stresses in our lives, becoming ordained, becoming a Certified Hypnotist and NeuroLinguistic Psychology Practitioner. Here are many of the tools I've been fortunate to share. 


Many of the people I share knowledge with are in a dark time in their lives. I don't ask for testimonials because I don't feel it would be appropriate. As those individuals heal, they move on to brighter days and out of contact with me. If I have touched your life and you would like to write a testimonial, I would deeply appreciate it.


 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you see private clients?  Yes, I do. 
  2. Can anyone be hypnotized? Anyone who desires to be hypnotized may enter that state with just a few exceptions. Medications, alcohol, drugs would interfere, as would being in a manic phase of bipolar.