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Join me on Serenity's Path

I discovered meditation when I was 17 years old. In the practice I found a place within that was peaceful and calm and in sharp contrast to the disfunction and abuse of our household.

Meditation - The Way Out

Life took me on some amazing adventures and some pretty dark places. I became all too familiar with the "dark pit of depression."  I got a lot of help dealing with this and finding the cause. Meditation took on a deeper became a tool to deal with life on life's terms and not just a way for me to escape the vicissitudes of life. I meditate every day. Twice a day. For one reason  and one reason only....because my life sucks if I don't!

Your Meditation Practice

Are you new to meditation? There are so many way to meditate! Guided, silence, mindfulness, TM,'s all good and there IS a form of meditation that is a good "fit" for you! In the meantime ... Email me  with any questions